Since Jusfer was founded in 1997, it has become a professional focus on the development, production and sales of blank buckle&buttons. As the largest manufacturer of buckles and buttons in China: five main advantages for you to choose, no regrets

01 | Equipment-Facilities


1. Independent from steel processing center, yet able to satisfy all needs according to the mould and all the size you need for steel cutting


2. Fully equipped with 10 cutting lines operable on 24 hour shift work with the sparks machine, engraving machine, computer gongs (CNC) 2 sets of lathe 6 units, milling machine (3 sets) and automatic drilling machine (1 unit). The facilities can meet any demands of the research and development production, without need for outsourcing processing, enabling sample development completion between 3 to 5 days , producing covered mould  between 2-3 days


3. With 120 sets of punching machine of 60T, 45T, 30T, 25T, 16T, 12T, 8T and 2T all production needs can be satisfied.

02 | Team-Working Synergy


Our research and development team has more than 30 staff. We have successfully developed aAutomatic fastening machine, automatic button machine, automatic eyeleting machine. We also have a very experienced professional mould production team consisting of 10 people having worked in the industry for many years .Our technique of producing covered mould is consistently of high standards for satin, elastic fabric, thin cloth and silk cloth material

03 | Quality Advantage


We have an independent quality control department to maintain and support continued improvements for standards. While we adhere to the requirements of the unified quality standards to strict inspection for all products, guaranteeing the quality of our buttons without problems of any quality problems . Our products can be tested by SGS, salt spray test.And product pull can reach 15-23kg.

04 | Product Advantages


As of now we have reached 893 different types of Buckle embryo and will eventually amount to more than 1200 various classes and model with product market coverage reaching over 90% and daily output reaching up to 1.5 million sets per day

05 | Service Advantage


1. New product development or customer order quantity more than 100000 sets, the fee of mould can be free.


2. Finished products processing: provide free of charge of the covered mold for processing finished products.


3. Buckle wholesale: dispatch shipments for orders made on the day


4. Bag buckles custom made: successful development within seven days



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